Eagle Air Services Limited (EASL)

About Us

Eagle Air Services was incorporated in 2005 to provide AVIATION CONSULTANCY as well as cost effective and reliable passenger and aircargo service.


A training school, open to the public (Eagleair Flight Training Centre Limited) was incorporated in 2012 to meet aviation training needs in the sub region.

There has been a long standing educational, cultural and commercial relationship between the Caribbean and West Africa.

Unfortunately since VARIG stopped flying there has been no direct connecting flights between these regions. This has, no doubt, stifled transactions from both ends.

Roberstfield (Monrovia) / Yundum (Banjul) will be our co-hubs for flights to the Americas while Abuja/Lagos will be domestic hub and hub for flights to Dubai and Far East destinations.


Ou Mission

The airline will provide safe, efficient, low-cost consumer air and cargo travel service. The service will emphasize safety as its highest priority. The newest and best maintained aircraft available will be operated.

Eagle Air will never skimp on maintenance in any fashion whatsoever and will strive to operate flights on time.

We will provide friendly and courteous service and ensure that investors and shareholders get adequate returns on investment.